Our software now supports the new p45 & the Enhanced S01 Form for Jamaica. Learn more

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Implementing cutting edge technology to produce the most interactive software experiences. Backed by our well trained and knowledgeable staff, this will be the last payroll solution you'll ever need.

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Everything Payroll In One Spot

Our software boasts user friendly interfaces that makes the user experience one that even a user with the most basic of computer knowledge can maneuver. When it comes to navigation the use of shortcut keys and our Quick Responsive Menu allows users to navigate our systems seamlessly.

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You're a few clicks away from your Payroll Reports

IPS produces a wide variety of reports, inclusive of government reports for all countries in which we operate. Reports can be exported to various formats, span several pay periods, viewed graphically and filtered to produce subsets of data to the user's liking.

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We Do Annual Reports

With the IPS software you can generate complex annual reports such as the Return of Remuneration Paid and Tax Deducted (F55 for Antigua & Barbuda, TD5 for St. Lucia) and Certificate of Remuneration (COR for Grenada) in just a few clicks. Similarly to the carbon prints, the software generates each individual information in triplicate.

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We Also Do Monthly Reports

The payroll also produces monthly reports such as the Social Security, Education Levy, Medical Benefits and National Insurance Contribution for Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia and Grenada.

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Get More With Our Employee Web Portal

The portal allows employees to register and log in to an intranet or internet based website, where they can view a variety of personal information at anytime.


Your Year to Date

Track employees contributions and earnings at any point in the year.


HR Documents

Employees can generate letters and reports straight from the portal.


Employee Profile

Review company and contact information for each employee.


New Enhanced S01 FORM

In light of the COVID-19 Virus impacting Jamaica, the government of Jamaica has implemented brand new measures for the filing of monthly statutory remittances. We have implemented functionalities in IPS to seamlessly generate and populate the new S01 form as well as the new S01 excel upload template. Please contact us for more information.

New P45 FORM & Upload File

In addition to the S01, the government has also redesigned the P45 form and introduced a brand new measure to upload the P45 data on their website. IPS has also integrated these new functionalities into our Payroll system to make the process easier for you. Please contact us for more information.


IPS Connects To All Your Platforms.

We keep the interaction going by linking with numerous other softwares and platforms. Our software interacts with platforms such as:

  • Financial Institutions in the countries we operate which facilitates bank lodgements and pension uploads.1
  • Accounting softwares, to produce and export payroll journals and payables information
  • HR Softwares for the migration of employee data to payroll
  • Timeclock Systems to facilitate the importation of payment data for employees
  • Government websites to facilitate the uploading of payroll tax information
  • We even interact within our own software to produce data for our Employee Portal and Reporting Wizard.

1 Works with every major bank.



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