Interactive Payroll System v6.1

Our most interactive version, focuses primarily on our users' experience within the software. It incorporates several features, such as personal loans and the quick menu, all aimed at simplifying every aspect of the payroll process. System features may be extended to include custom options specific to your work environment. The features of the IPS software package are extensive and are continuously updated to improve its efficiency and ease of use. Many of its features are informed by our observation of your payroll operations and its desired end result.

Choose What Best Fits You.

Suitable for Start-ups

  • 1-50 Employees
  • 1 Company
  • Basic payroll features
  • Advanced features & Reports
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Perfect for Small Businesses

  • 50-250 Employees
  • 3 Companies
  • Basic payroll features
  • Advanced features & Reports
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Great for Medium Businesses

  • 250-500 Employees
  • Multiple Companies
  • Basic payroll features
  • Advanced features & Reports
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Best for Large Businesses

  • 500-800 Employees
  • Multiple Companies
  • Basic payroll features
  • Advanced features & Reports
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The Features Your Business Needs.

One System, Multiple Solutions

Manage and manipulate multiple users, companies and currencies all within the click of a button.

In and Out in a Flash!

Quick Data transfers using simple yet efficient import and export wizards.

Payroll at your Fingertips!

All your basic payroll operations plus a lot more, a few clicks here, a few clicks there, enter the right figures and you've done it!

Safe and Secure

With and extensibly configurable access control system IPS allows its clients to independly configure all the users and group policies and track everyones actions, that's security!

Quick and Easy Reporting

Elegant, detailed and readable reports done quickly.

Connected to the Outside World

IPS allows you to pay your employees via cheque, cash or lodgement. We support all major banks and allow you notify each user via email.

Platinum Plan Most Appropriate For Growing Companies with 800 - 1,500 Employees

Its database allows up to 1500 employees and their associated data. This version provides powerful business management tools which allow you to understand the information behind your payroll numbers.

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Diamond Plan More Appropriate For Large Companies with over 1,500 Employees

Its database allows over 1500 employees and allows for reporting of average employee's Basic Pay, Taxable Pay, Net Pay and even EFTE (Employee Full Time Equivalent) broken down by department, position or company. It also features a buit-in Audit that tracks changes made to any file within IPS.

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* A TimeClock interface is provided to popular time clock management software such as ADP’s Time$aver or Kronos.


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