Interactive Employee Portal

With swift turnaround time on letter and report requests, the Employee Portal reduces your administrative costs. The portal allows employees to generate; Job or NHT Letters, Annual Reports (P24, TD5, COR, F55) and Current or Previous Payslips

Give Your Employees Control.

Employee Payslips

Offers convenience, by allowing employees to access up to two years of data. This includes their current and previous years information, which may be generated, downloaded and/or emailed as the employee desire.


Access to graphical representations of both employer and employees’ accumulated data. With this feature, employees’ will be able to view their payments, deductions and loans as applicable, whereas the paymaster will be able to view the aggregate year-to-date values of the payroll.


Generate, view and/or download a range of current year information at your convenience, by selecting your desired date.

Employee Management

Transfer employee from one payroll company to another, enable or disable employee portal features available to employees, remove all purgeable employees – inactive over one year, terminated or not found in payroll, select payslip type and much more.

Pay Day Calendar

Allow the payroll administrator to configure pay day pattern for when salary will be sent to the bank and/or create payroll reminders. Employees will thereby be able to track each pay period they will be paid.

Annual Reports (P24, TDS, COR, FSS, etc.)

Allow employee to generate, download and/or print annual reports for personal and/or government filing.

Job & NHT Letters

Offer your payroll administrator some relieve by allowing employees to generate their own Job and NHT letters. Worried about manipulation of information? There’s no need, this feature only allows employees to generate information after configuration with payroll administrators.

Deduction Management

Initiate deduction limit by either percentage or amount of based on employees’ income. Allow employees to create and manage their own deductions, which may later be imported by the payroll administrator p>


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