Interactive Data Analytics

We've eliminated the hassle of depending on IT Specialists and IPS staff to create your customized reports. With our Interactive Data Analytics you gain the ability to create your own reports when they are needed, anytime, anywhere.

We Made It For Everyone.

No Experience Required

We have you covered with our built-in knowledge of your database, there is no database knowledge required. Our user-friendly interface makes report creation easy and simple.

Reporting Made Simple

We walk you through the reporting process in 5 easy-to-follow steps so you can build professional reports in minutes, not days.

Fine-Tune Your Reports

You can customize how each field appears, including column heading, grouping, sorting, and totaling. The easy-to-use filter dialog allows you to include or exclude specific records. Use the sort page to order the information as you need it.

Creating Any Type of Label

You can easily create labels, including mailing labels, product labels, or barcode labels, without worrying about field positioning or label dimensions. All common label sizes are built-in.

Output Your Way

Preview or print reports, or output to PDF, Microsoft Excel, or just about any file format you can think of with just a few mouse clicks. You can also email reports.

Drill Down Reports

You can drill down from a report to see details. Drill down supports an unlimited number of levels.

Schedule and Send Reports

Automatically deliver reports via e-mail, file, or printer. Schedule them to run anytime you need them to, and never miss a reporting commitment to your peers, customers, or vendors.

Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards

Create bar, line, area, and pie charts as well as series charts. Dashboards combine multiple charts into one consolidated view of your data.

Powerful Reports at Your Fingertips

Don't be fooled by our ease-of-use. The Advanced Report Designer allows you to lay out the report exactly as you want, including company logos, lines, boxes, etc.


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